Cary Reynolds Elementary School Must Be Rebuilt!

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Cary Reynolds Elementary School Must Be Rebuilt!

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Rebekah Morris started this petition to Dekalb County Board of Education

Dear Members of DeKalb County Board of Education:

Cary Reynolds must be replaced

Many of our Region 1 elementary schools have experienced tremendous growth over the last decade. After years of overcrowded, unsafe conditions at Cary Reynolds Elementary School, we would like to petition the DeKalb County Board of Education to demolish Cary Reynolds and rebuild a new 900-seat elementary school. We currently do not have enough seats, and projections show that the overcrowding and unhealthy conditions are only going to get worse.

Elementary school is a critical academic and social period in a child’s life. We want all kids in our schools to have a seat at a quality public elementary school. Without new elementary school seats and with increasing enrollment we ask: Are we as parents and as a community supposed to sit back and continue to endure this crisis?

We’re paying attention…

Parents and community stakeholders have received years of data from the DeKalb County School District demonstrating the inhumane overcrowding of our children.

We have heard stories of students wetting themselves in class being held in one of the 25 trailers. We have seen pictures of buckets full of water set up in trailer classrooms to catch rain pouring through the roof during class. We have seen our six-year-olds attend school amidst mildew, mold, and decay. We have experienced months of school without heat or without air. More trailers is not the answer.

But, we need your help…

Backed by this data, we are asking the DeKalb County School District Board of Education to acknowledge that Cary Reynolds Elementary School is in dire need of being replaced. We also ask that the school board recognize that Cary Reynolds does not have enough elementary school seats to accommodate all students, and that we need to create a new, high quality elementary school that will inclusively serve the students who are representative of our diverse communities in the Cross Keys cluster.

Please sign our petition today!

To get a new elementary school, we need your support TODAY! Please sign our petition expressing to the DeKalb County Board of Education, our elected representatives, and the Georgia Department of Education your support for a new public elementary school for the Cary Reynolds attendance zone.

Thank you for your support, and please spread the word to all concerned parents that you know by encouraging them to sign our petition today!


Cross Keys Cluster Parents and Community Stakeholders

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This petition had 696 supporters