Ban the sale of eggs from caged hens! (UK)

Ban the sale of eggs from caged hens! (UK)

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I urge all of you reading this to support this idea. Factory farming in general needs to come to an end, but for this petition I focus specifically on the cruelty the chickens are oppressed to in factory farms. Ideally I would love to put an end to all the suffering that farm animals are subject to on factory farms, but realistically we need to work one step at a time. This way, even though it is hard we can make a real difference for the animals and one by one they can all be saved from torture. This issue really aches my heart, I feel the pain of these animals dawning on me every day and every night. I try to convert my sadness into motivation to keep fighting for them.

I have done my own research and learnt more as I became older, I have read and seen horrific facts and footage of what goes on behind the closed barn doors. I have seen it myself in person all across England. Some companies will even admit how their animals live and somehow think it is acceptable, but what they don't realise is that we know the truth about the animal abuse which also goes on. The living standards are NOT acceptable in anyway, but the pure abuse which they are also forced to endure just makes it so much more sadistic. The mentality of a lot of people needs to be addressed and disciplined, certain people thinking they own and can do as they please to animals all for a bit of profit.

Their living space, I kid you not, is just over the size of an A4 sheet of paper per bird which is now classed as an 'enriched' cage. They are larger cages, but there are more hens in each one. That is the way the big companies legally get away with it, claiming that they are now sufficient for living by adding 20cm of floor to each cage! That is the floor size of the metal cage which they have to stand in every hour all day, every day, every month of every year which they are alive. The poor girls never get to feel their feet touch a flat surface, they constantly have to grip on thin metal bars with their toes curled round. A lot of them have their toe nails start to curl in on themselves. Sometimes they get ripped out. They can't even stretch their wings. They don't get fresh air, feel sunlight or even get to feel the earth between their toes. They fight and peck each other for the food, and the weakest ones that can't reach are just left to die underneath the others. Just imagine from your own perspective being locked in a small room with no fresh air, no sunlight, nothing. Now imagine that there are other people also locked in there, and there are so many of you in such a small space that people are stacked all around you, desperately trying to get out. It's so hot and dusty all around you, generally with a higher level of ammonia than is comfortable, and the room is full of screams so loud that you can't even hear yourself think. The poor chickens have to endure that constant state of depression until they are slaughtered and their bodies chucked in a skip.

I have seen chickens being kicked by the workers like they are not alive or capable of feelings. They chuck them around, break their bones and sometimes cut off their beaks with a hot blade. Male chicks are demolished and discarded with various methods; crushed alive in a macerator, tied up in plastic bags for suffocation, or electrocuted. They are not commercially viable as they will not give them eggs. They are not classed as 'worthy'. It makes me sad that humans can be so inconsiderate and lack compassion. What have we become?

I would like to put a complete end to the sale of eggs from caged hens! I would like to be able to go into ALDI the supermarket and no longer see 'eggs from caged hens' for sale as that is what they are labelled as. I beg for people to refuse to buy these eggs, as this is the first step to ending this inhumane process. As long as communities and the general public as a whole stop buying these eggs, the industry will eventually have to cease as they won't make any money. We must stop funding this nightmare.

Please, just think for a moment. Do YOU want to be a part of this callous abuse? Would you feel the same love for someone if they consciously abused animals? All of us good people can help others become more aware, tell all your family and all your friends to openly refuse to purchase eggs from caged hens and support free range only. We can make the change, and this is the first step of many more to come. 

I have made my first step. I have rescued 5 ex-battery hens through the British Hen Welfare Trust and now they supply me with beautiful free range eggs (which for me are just a bonus, I love them eternally regardless of eggs). I plan to rescue more chickens in the future. Will you make your first step today? The UK is supposed to be a country leading the rest of the world in high animal welfare, but we are not exceeding!

Please, sign this petition! Me and the chickens will love you forever. #Help the Hens.

"Animals do have voices, but our money speaks over them."