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Permanent Fund Defenders started this petition to Alaska Legislature

Thanks for signing this petition if you are an ALASKA RESIDENT. Please include where you live in Alaska. If you are not, your help for this cause is welcome with a donation to Permanent Fund Defenders at not on this site.   Many from around the world have offered support, thank you for helping Alaskans defend our Permanent Fund and citizen rights in the Commons!

ALASKAN VOTERS: Sign this petition and contact your Legislators to save our PFD and Permanent Fund. Demand YOUR vote to lock the PFD securely in the Constitution safe from politicians.

As the Owner State, Alaska's resource wealth belongs to all Alaskans. Legislators are planning AGAIN to restructure and spend the PFD and Fund earnings without public consent. This theft endangers the Fund and blocks the rights of Alaskans. 

We have other solutions to Alaska's fiscal problems including getting a fair share for our resources, budget reform, and raising revenues in ways that Alaskans choose.

Alaska Legislators, as our elected representatives, we urge you to do everything in your power to protect the public interest for Alaska voters and Permanent Fund shareholders through the following actions. We strongly support these votes:   

OPPOSE THE PFD AND FUND RESTRUCTURE:  VOTE NO on any plan to restructure and spend from the PFD and Permanent Fund without public consent. Don't allow this! 

SUPPORT A CONSTITUTIONAL PFD GUARANTEE:  We support a public vote for a Constitutional Amendment to guarantee our full PFD, based on the historic formula. The PFD will never be safe without this.         

Thanks for signing and sharing on this legislation to protect Alaskans' dividend and Fund. Join Permanent Fund Defenders and donate to help at get this message out in media  at

PFD cuts are a regressive tax. Every $1000 of a PFD brings 12-25,000 people above poverty and it will lift the economy out of the recession with a billion dollars in economic activity.
AN ADVISORY VOTE ON THE PFD was Governor Knowles' and Legislature's plan in 1999. They said then, it's the right of Alaskans to decide on changes to the Fund and PFD. It still is:
TIME FOR A CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT FOR OUR PFD. These raids will continue until the PFD has guaranteed Constitutional protection. The PFD connected to the performance of the Fund makes the public watchdogs on the government from spending down the Peoples' Fund. Preserve this successful model of wealth sharing in the Commons for today and future generations of Alaskans.    

More about the Permanent Fund Defender group on Facebook at and website at  Leaders include Rick Halford, Joe Geldhof,  Dr. Jack Hickel, Juanita Cassellius and Jim Sykes.  This is a non-partisan, educational non-profit group welcoming Alaskans from all parties to join this fight together to save our Fund and PFD.  Clem Tillion is a founding leader with Permanent Fund Defenders.          

Donate to this campaign at   All funds go to ads and outreach, no paid staff or office to pay for. 

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0 have signed. Let’s get to 15,000!
At 15,000 signatures, this petition becomes one of the top signed on!