Don't let Donald Trump steal the election

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Donald Trump is trying to steal the U.S. election.

With the 2020 United States presidential election now having a record number of mail-in ballots cast, Donald Trump has prematurely declared victory despite millions of votes not having been counted. He has stated:

"This is a fraud on the American public...We were getting ready to win this election. Frankly, we did win this election...We are going to the Supreme Court. We want them to stop. We don't want them to find ballots at four in the morning and add them to the top."

This is an attempt to cast doubt on the integrity of the electoral process and invalidate legitimately cast ballots. We must ensure every vote is counted.

The United Kingdom often boasts of its commitment to democracy and the rule of law around the world. This commitment would be seriously undermined if the UK did not stand up for democracy and rebuke any attempts by a candidate to claim victory prematurely or to cast doubt upon the results. 

Acting on our commitment to democracy and peaceful transitions of power is even more important given the risk of violence and civil unrest since President Trump has called on the far-right and white supremacist group the Proud Boys to 'stand by' ready to perpetrate violence to suppress the vote, intimidate those verifying and counting ballots, and intimidating citizens from lawfully protesting his attempt to steal the election.

In light of this we, the undersigned, ask the Foreign Secretary to immediately issue a statement condemning Trump's attempts to cast doubt on the validity of the U.S. election results and urging him to condemn any violence. The Foreign Secretary must call for every ballot to be counted until there is a clear winner, using all diplomatic pressure necessary to support a free and fair election. 

Background: Donald Trump has repeatedly called into question the validity of mail-in ballots. He has suggested they can be tampered with, despite the fact that possible cases of voter fraud have been found only to occur in 0.0025% of mail-in ballots. President Trump has also frequently failed to commit to a peaceful transfer of power if he should lose the election. Given the number of mail-in ballots, a winner of the U.S. election may not be known until some time after Election night, allowing time for Trump to sow division, incite violence, and intimidate those who are working to verify the results. This petition is run by the UK international chapter of Democratic Socialists of America. Please follow us @UK_DSA or join us Anyone interested in supporting democracy in America from the UK is welcome.