Take Back the decision of opening cantonment roads, it is a threat to national security

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On May 21st Ministry of Defence orders all cantonment roads to be open to the public. Which might sound soothing so ears is actually a threat to the national security of the country and an even bigger threat to the military families.

  1. The army in peace stations in working towards it training and rehabilitation which is being done in a secured manner because cantonments are no trespass areas with these areas being open to everyone the smartphones will be clicking pictures which will be breaching the security  
  2. The military stations are well maintained and are green areas due to the less number of vehicles and people living there with the increase of people travelling through the are the maintenance of the area will get tougher and will consume more manpower reducing the number of hours army can put in for training.
  3. More personals which be deployed for security checks which would increase the already high workload on the army
  4. The military roads are constructed from the military budget with the number of vehicles increasing on this road the wear and tear of these roads will increase who will be maintaining these roads then?
  5. Morning PT and Runs along with BPT are conducted on these roads with the allowing of general traffic on these roads we are inviting more accidents of the military personnel and their families.
  6. There is a sense of security which will be gone and the army would be more involved in crowd management than training
  7. We do not want another Pathankot or Jammu like attack. Please don't allow the general traffic  in the military stations it will destroy the integrity of the military stations, will act as a security risk, will increase the workload on the army further decreasing the time of training, it would further increase the maintenance cost of the military cantonment roads and would pollute the green cantonments 

Please help and sign this petition so that it reaches to the Prime minister and the defence minister.For Pride honour and security of the Military