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Abolish paid by the mile for truck drivers

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Truck drivers in Canada and the USA was one of the best blue collar jobs to have in America.  Today to be a truck driver is one of the worst jobs in America.  Many drivers find themselves severely overworked and paid less than minimum wage for a job that transports billions of dollars across the USA and Canada.  To be divorced as a truck driver today is the common reality.  Drivers spend up to the legal limits of 70 hours per week on the road and can be living in a truck for months at a time before coming home for only a few days before going out again for weeks on the road.  The government through deregulation has made corporations find ways to cheap out on labor to the extent that drivers make with all hours in about $5 to $10 per hour.  Drivers under the pay by the mile extortion scheme are costing the industry thousands of jobs as the new generations have no interest in driving for the worst, underpaying job in America.  Drivers are being cheated in sleep, money, family time, vacation pay, holidays, and time off.  The average driver gets half as many days off as a standard worker and often receives no benefits of any kind.  Corporations have essentially made drivers today modern day underpaid slaves.  The government is currently supporting drivers being modern day slaves.  Corporations have learned to pass the cost of truck driving on to the driver through lease to own scams, which often find drivers going bankrupt for several reasons, but the two biggest reasons are the high price of fuel and the corporations who lease on an interest based loan to the drivers often fail to give sufficient miles in order to make a half decent living.  Immigrants are often the brunt of these so-called "Work for yourself" corporate scams which in reality is just a way for the corporation to deal out loans to make their corporate purse that much bigger while drivers get shafted for the cost of the loan, the interest, the insurances and many other expenses.  The way that corporations and governments are acting toward the truck driver is criminal and needs to be stopped.  Truck driver shortages are going to continue to climb to far more than the estimated combined 300,000 unemployed trucks by 2024.  The industry is suffering from government lack of motivation to fix what they originally ruined.

I petition the government of Canada to call for an immediate end to paid by the mile for truck drivers in Canada.   A form of modified payment system must be implemented so that drivers are being paid fairly and correctly for their skills.   Drivers should not be making less than minimum wages (all hours in) for all the skills they have on the road.  The Truckers Association and many others recognize trucking as a certifiable highly skilled job and should be paid as such.  But the government of Canada continues to ignore the advice of trucking associations that half continually said this industry needs to be regulated properly and wages reflecting the skills necessary to drive a truck on the highways today.  Truck drivers should not be starving because corporations are abusing the laws of Canada through underhanded paid by mile and lease to own schemes that are bankrupting drivers and causing the industry a crisis.

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