Decriminalise Homosexuality In India

Decriminalise Homosexuality In India

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We are a group of students studying in Grade 10 at Genesis Global School, Noida, India. We are doing a Global Perspectives project aimed at raising awareness for the LGBTQ community to provide a better future for everyone. 

Your sexual preferences, sexuality, and partner should be your choice. Unfortunately the Indian law doesn’t agree with this.

Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code gives the state the authority to do whatever they would like and whenever they want to.

It creates more problems and causes more discrimination against the already suffering LGBTQ community

It’s a law that can be used to oppress and harass the LGBTQ community

The Indian government is reluctant to amend the law. 

Section 377 should be amended so that same-sex marriage in India can be made legal and not a crime as per the eyes of the government, the authorities and the general public. 

Sign my petition and help me show that Indians want Section 377 to be amended and make LGBTQ no longer a crime. 

Section 377 is based on the thinking of the Britishers who were there in 1860 and based on the outdated Victorian morals. Section 377 is something which should not be around in a developing country which makes up 18% of the world's population. 

The Bill supports our constitutional freedoms - the Right to Privacy and Dignity under Article 21, the Right to Equality under Article 14, and the Right against Discrimination Under Article 15.

Sign my petition and help me build support to amend Section 377. If we can gather a significant number of people who support this cause then maybe we will be able to make the government and the Prime Minister change their decision and finally decriminalize Homosexuality in India