Decommission Mullaperiyar Dam. Save Kerala.

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Mullaperiyar dam operating from 1895 is a dam build before the formation of Republic Of India. The Mullaperiyar Dam is leased for an unheard period of 999! years to the then Madras Presidency now Tamil Nadu, It took 25 long years of force and arm twisting by the Madras Government with the help of the mighty British Empire to make The Maharaj Of Travancore comply to this agreement. The agreement was then ratified in 1970 without any foresight and a misguided altruism. According to this agreement Tamil Nadu has complete control and right over the dam even though the dam and originating rivers are completely situated within Kerala. The British engineers who constructed the dam gave the life time of dam 50-70 years because it was build of Crude Lime Surkhi Mortar an old and primitive technology which has a Concrete Grade of M5 now presently used Cement Concrete Mortar has a grade of M30 which is almost 6 Times the strength and quality back then. 

The Thickness at the top of the dam is 3.66 meters and the bottom is 44.2 meters. The Height is 53.64 meters, Width is 365.72 meters with a total capacity of 15.6 TMC.


Kerala Government and its inexperienced lawyers and politicians failed to present things properly in front of the SC and the issue is consistently put on the back burner by many ruling governments in Kerala that have come and gone and Tamil Nadu government with its lots of water dispute experience won the supreme court and the court allowed Tamil Nadu to raise water level from 136ft to 142ft and ultimately to the maximum of 152ft and has given the Central Water commission of the duty of the dam. Tamil Nadu keeps talking about this "Technical Committee" which has 'guaranteed' safety for the dam on the basis of some cosmetic maintenance work done. Any person can look up at the CWC record and see that they have a bad track record as far as the safety of dam is concerned and if anyone thinks that the SC verdicts are infallible then they are being extremely naive.

Any dam in the world the water level is reduced after 70 years of operation so as to reduce stuctural strain that might occur which is also one of the main guidelines of the International Dam Safety Authority (IDSA). Tamil Nadu keeps saying that the dam is strong and the water level should be increased because of some cosmetic repairs done on the dam. The foundation is very much the same, no drilling or grouting of structure were ever done and the Ritcher scale test by the IIT Roorkee team which has no connection ever so with Kerala concluded that the dam cannot hold any earth quake more than 6 RcH in a place like Idukki where there are frequent earthquakes and land slide occurances. The Inspection also done by the Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, Center for Earth and Science Studies(CESS) have also concluded that in case of an earth quake the dam will not be able to handle it. (Recent Earth Quakes in the past: Nedumkandam(1988) 4.5 RcH, Periyar Basin(2000) 5.0 RcH, Idukki(2011) 3.5 RcH)

Since then the Tamil Nadu government has protested against inspection by independent agencies and has banned that with the help of the center, Why is that?! They have even barred Kerala engineers to conduct non-destructive tests or inspection by any international agencies. Infact these reports by IIT Roorkee and other agencies weren't even allowed to be presented during the trial and they know very well that they are playing with life of millions of peoples, An entire state!


Since 12th century there have been more than 2000 dam failures in different parts of the world, Dam failures are not remote occurrences but happen every year in different parts of the world because of one reason or other even dams that are build using modern engineering have had failures and all of these dams were once certified safe before these failures happened. The Banquio Dam Disaster in China which happened in 1975 has caused a death toll 1,71,000 people and millions where displaced and the dam was just 116.34 meters above sea level and Mullaperiyar dam which is perched 879.3 meters above sea level is still overlooked and not prioritised by Kerala Govt or the Govt of India.

In case of a dam failure in Mullaperiyar the water will rush like a bullet fired from the barrel of a gun along the steep hills of Thekkady in Idukki and wash away more than dozens of dam along the path including the Idukki Reservoir comprising of the Idukki Dam, Kulamavu DamCheruthoni Dam all of which will result in a catastrophe the world has never seen before and a disaster 10 times that of the Banquio Dam. Nearly 7 million or 70 lakh people of 5 districts will be washed away. Districts of Kottayam, Ernakulam, Pathanamthitta, Alappuzha and parts of Idukki and Thrissur will be completely submerged in water and dirt. Kochi City in Ernakulam district the 2nd most populated city and the most developed city and the center of all development in Kerala will be no more and Tamil Nadu Government is saying that EVEN IF THE DAM BREAKS THE IDUKKI RESERVOIR WILL BE ABLE TO HOLD THE WATER, any person in the world in the right mind will understand that the dam failure will happen when it is monsoon and the idukki reservoirs will be almost filled upto the brim of its capacity and the water which is rushing like a bullet at that force will wipe and destroy the Idukki Reservoir.

Since 2011 the tremors in Idukki district (as accepted by the TN govt in a report submitted to the SC) has left major cracks and leaks in blocks of 17 and 18 and the joints between them. The dam has no Transverse Contraction Joints because of its old construction these are used in modern dam to aid in stability and to distribute force. Tamil Nadu keeps arguing that the cosmetic repairs and maintenance that it does every year is enough to keep the dam safe and is planning to further increase the water level, and still TO THIS DAY every year leaks and cracks are developed and are being found and safety is questioned to this very moment. (last such major crack and leaks were found in the Shutter 11 and Shutter 12 of the dam during the inspection in 2017)


According to the agreement the benefit of the dam is loapsided and is completely in favor for Tamil Nadu even though the dam is completely situated within Kerala. Every year Tamil Nadu pays just 10 lakh to 70 TMC Water to Kerala from Mullaperiyar in contrast Tamil Nadu pays 3 crores to 1 TMC Water to Karnataka and Andhra even though they share co-basin rivers. If by then todays standards Tamil Nadu must pay at least 250+ Crores every year to Kerala for the water from Mullaperiyar. Tamil Nadu govt makes more than 6000+ Crore from Electricity Generation, Trade and Taxes every year from the water it gets from Mullaperiyar Dam. Because of these economic benefits that TN govt enjoys for free they won't let Kerala do anything about the dam and all the disastrous impact that is sure to happen will not affect Tamil Nadu but will only happen to Kerala.

Politicians like Mr. Vaiko are saying that Kerala should be grateful for getting agriculture products from TN but we are giving water for basically free by risking EVERYTHING and TN makes electricity, Income for farmers, Taxes. Both the states can survive without each others agriculture if not TN then Kerala will mostly grow crops, import from Karnataka, Andhra or any other states which are even bigger producers in agriculture.

We know water is a common resource that is to be shared and all rivers within any state does not belong to the state but rather the Govt Of India. All we are saying is that using MULLAPERIYAR DAM to continue this greed is completely unacceptable. Kerala Govt has said they would even build a new dam by spending 700 crores of its own money and give the same amount of water to TN and water supply will not be impacted during the construction but a new dam means a new contract and Tamil Nadu govt and politicians doesn't want that because they will have to give up this agreement. Tamil Nadu Govt and TN politicians look at only the economical side of this and doesn't even consider any plea on base of humanity. Tamil Nadu is accusing Kerala of ulterior motives for demand of Mullaperiyar are you guys even serious? Kerala has no use of this dam (except flood control) and is ONLY used for diverting the water to Vaigai Dam in Tamil Nadu to facilitate agriculture. Most Tamil Nadu people don't care of all these problems if we ask any Tamil people they will say problem is Kerala not giving any water to Tamil Nadu that rightfully belongs to them. Kerala Govt and people of Kerala share all the major dams and river located in the state with Tamil Nadu.

  • Siruvani Dam to facilitate the complete drinking water needs of Coimbatore City.
  • Parambikulam-Aliyar Reservoir comprising of the Parambikulam Dam, Thunakadavu Dam, Peruvaripallam Dam are all operated by TN for agriculture, irrigation, industrial needs of Coimbatore, Tiruppur and Erode districts.
  • Neyyar Dam for the drinking water needs of Kanyakumari district and agriculture need of Kanyakumari and Tirunelveli districts.
  • Mullaperiyar Dam for the irrigation needs of the southern districts in Tamil Nadu.
  • Sharing of dozens interstate rivers without any dispute.


A beautiful analogy: " It's Kerala's cake, but TN gets to eat the WHOLE cake for FREE and if the cake is hollow that will entirely be Kerala's problem, The only reason TN is protesting is that if Kerala bakes a new Cake they may have to share or pay for it. Obviously at today's rate. Now who would want that, huh?? "

Just Imagine if this situation was the other way around how much drama the TN govt would have shown. We the people of Kerala plead before our Kerala Govt to stand firm to the demand of decommissioning the dam to build a new one and also relentlessly challenge the validity of such an agreement for 999 years and get the time period of lease reduced.






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