Declare Bushfire Zones Safe So Volunteers Can Rescue Wildlife

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We need the government to declare the fire grounds safe and organise volunteers to go in and rescue surviving wildlife.

Today this was confirmed to me by both rescuers on the ground and at the CEO level of a key wildlife agency that after so many of us donated, and so many organisations moved mountains, with so many hero wildlife rescuers ready & willing, our animals are now dying off in huge numbers.

All because of slow, uncoordinated bureaucracy. All because our governments are once again failing to act.

Please help put pressure on them to pull their fingers out and allow access to the fire grounds for our amazing rescuers to save the survivors of the #australianbushfires.

Animals are starving to death and dying of their injuries every day while we wait for them to act. I've seen it. If you can help by writing, calling, hitting them up on social media - please do.

  • Many burned out fire grounds remained closed to volunteer rescuers, meaning they can't get in to save animals.
  • The State Governments have not been quick enough to survey the sites and declare them "safe" 

Please help us put urgent pressure on the governments. 


Federal Minister for the Environment Susan Ley:
South Australian Minister for the Environment: