Declare Dhamapur Lake as Wetland & Ramsar Site

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  1. Dhamapur lake is an ancient lake built in 1530 by mandlik of Vijaynagar Dynasty Nagesh Desai and villagers of Dhamapur & Kalse village in Sindhudurg District.
  2. Dhamapur lake, a biggest lake of Sindhudurg, has historical significance and is biodiversity rich hot-spot surrounded by reserved forest. 
  3. Dhamapur lake covers an area of 22 hectares with the depth of about 12 meters. 
  4. Dhamapur lake is utilized for drinking, irrigation, and to some extend fishing is also carried out by local people.
  5. Lake water is supplied to Malvan city and villages around Dhamapur
  6. Rich vegetation invites many birds to nest in greenery of hill ranges and thus invites bird lovers to the Dhamapur lake. Otters are identified in Dhamapur lake.
  7. It has scenic beautiful hill ranges on its two sides with rich vegetation.
  8. Lentic ecosystem harbor rich biodiversity of plankton as compared to the lotic ecosystem. Dhamapur lake is a lentic ecosystem. 
  9. Plankton, the microscopic diversity hold the key role in designing the food web of aquatic ecosystem.10 phyto-plankton species and 7 zooplankton species were recorded at Dhamapur lake. 
  10. Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (M.T.D.C) has recognized this lake as a tourism spot
  11. Dhamapur lake is a fresh water ecosystem that provides vital resources for humans and are the role habitat for an extra ordinarily rich and sensitive biota. Demand on freshwater ecosystems are increasing day to day, leading to large and growing threats to biodiversity. As a result of this crisis, documenting loses and preservation of biodiversity, diagnosing their causes and finding solutions have become major part of contemporary fresh water ecology research.  Therefore inclusion of Dhamapur lake as wetlands under the Wetland Rules, 2010 is need of the hour. 
  12. Dhamapur lake if recognized as Ramsar site will facilitate and reinforce the role of wetlands and their biodiversity ecosystems for sustainable tourism development in Sindhudurg District.
  13. Ramsar designation of Dhamapur lake shall bring benefits for local communities

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