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Petitioning United States Secretary of State John Kerry and 5 others

Declare 969 Buddhist Extremist Network as International Terror Network


Innocent Muslims are being killed while police are watching and do nothing!

Letter to
United States Secretary of State John Kerry
President of the United States Barack Obama
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs William Hague
and 3 others
Presidents and Prime Ministers of the world’s community of nations:
Secretary of State John Kerry (Secretary of State)
European Union (EU) José Manuel Barroso (European Union (EU))
The violence and atrocities against Rohingya and Myanmar Muslims in Burma, committed by the radical Buddhist 969 groups backed by the Burmese Government forces have resulted in gruesome deaths of thousands of Rohingya and Myanmar Muslims in Burma. Additionally, the group’s terrorist attacks have resulted in destruction of thousands of homes and properties and displacement over 140,000 Rohingya and Myanmar Muslims in Burma.

Recently, the 969 group’s terrorist activities have spilled over to neighboring countries in Southeast Asia, and currently it is building momentum and likely going to further spread in the Southeast Asia region.

The documented terrorist activities of 969 are:
• Mass killings and mutilation of men, women, and children
• Various forms of physical and mental torture of innocent people
• Death threat to community leaders of Burma including Democracy leader and Nobel laureate, Daw Aung San Suu Kyi
• Attacks on Muslim clergymen and places of worship
• Abetment to forceful social segregation of Rohingya and Myanmar Muslim victims by the Burmese Government forces
• Arsons and vandalism
• Dissemination of hate literature
• Spread of violence to neighboring Malaysia, Thailand, and Sri Lanka

We are gravely concerned about the serious development and life-threatening situation of innocent Rohingya and Myanmar Muslims in Burma and elsewhere around the word.

We urgently appeal the leaders of the world’s community of nations to outlaw the 969 terror network in Burma, enlist the group as an international terrorist network, and impose strict sanctions on individuals associated with the 969 terrorist organization.