Decision-Makers Worldwide: Recognize that the opportunity to communicate is a basic human right.

Communication is The Most Fundamental of human Capacities. People need to be ble to Communicate to Fulfill Their social, educational, emotional and vocational potential.

Barriers to communication odd year individual's Ability to:
• relates to and interact with others;
• Understand;
• learn, share and apply knowledge;
• Achieve and Maintain Good physical mental and health;
• Participate Appropriately and Safely in purposeful occupations and / or leisure activities; and
•-have fair access to the justice system and other public services.

The opportunity to Communicate is a basic human right. Everybody has the potential to Communicate.

By Taking This Public Pledge of Support ...
I Recognise That The Ability to Communicate is a basic human right.
I Recognise That Everyone has the potential to Communicate.
By putting my name to this statement, I give my backing to the millions of people Have you around the world-have communication disorders That Prevent Them From experiencing and fulfilling lives and fully Participating Equally In Their Communities.
I believe people with communication disabilities That Should Have Access to the Support They need to realized Their full potential.

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