Decathlon must stop promoting slaughter of songbirds and migratory birds

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Of all the problems facing the world's wildlife, surely one of the most reprehensible is the often illegal or barely legal, environmentally indefensible slaughter of tens of millions of songbirds as they make their annual migration across Europe. Within the borders of the EU, birds have had special conservation status since the creation of the landmark Birds Directive in 1979, a policy designed to protect the populations of all bird species from hunting and habitat loss; nevertheless the activity continues today - purely for entertainment, and also for profit. "Hunters" pay to partake in shooting trips, and songbird recipes are still prized in many European restaurants.

Astonishing therefore that when so much effort and rhetoric is aimed at protecting and preserving nature - Decathlon, one of the world's largest sports retailers is actively promoting and profiting from the killing, the illustrated example is just one from a wide range of clothing, equipment, lures and munitions which they boast are "specifically designed" for the killing of "songbirds" and "small migratory birds" generically, as well as particular  species including thrushes, lapwing, turtle doves and more. 

This petition calls for Decathlon to:

  • publicly condemn the slaughter of songbirds and small migratory birds,
  • revise their product range and marketing accordingly, and
  • make a meaningful contribution to wildlife protection.

Until they do, their dishonest claims to "Protect our mother nature" and "have a positive impact on the planet" should be removed from their websites. I for one will certainly be boycotting their stores, and I'm sure others will choose to do the same.

Please sign and share my petition, and make your voice count in condemning this senseless slaughter. Feel free to contact Decathlon and ask them "Will you please stop promoting the slaughter of songbirds and migrating birds?"

Thank you.