Stop USDA's Horrific Kitten Experiments

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Michigan Rep. Mike Bishop wants an investigation into the Department of Agriculture’s “secretive and problematic” experiments that have reportedly led to the deaths of hundreds of kittens.

Bishop’s letter described how cats were bred and then fed meat infected with toxoplasma so their feces could be collected to harvest parasites, after which the cats would be killed and their remains destroyed by incineration.

Kim Kaplan of the USDA responded in an email that using cats was “essential to the success of this critical research” and that “the estimate of 100 cats used in the research … is a serious overestimation.”

ONLY 100 CATS!! What kind of a depraved, conscious-less excuse for a human can defend this program and still look at themselves in the mirror everyday?? This project must be stopped!! Kim Kaplan and anyone else defending & conducting these horrific unnecessary experiments should be prosecuted to the fullest for felony animal cruelty and we, THE TAXPAYERS must cease funding for this project and rehome all surviving animals immediately. This despicable project must be ENDED TODAY!! PLEASE HELP!