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Allow students to wear their natural hair

Soon after the start of this school year, my 7 year old daughter Tiana was told by the Deborah Brown Community School in Tulsa that she couldn't attend her second grade class unless she changed her natural hair. 

Tiana -- and all of our family -- were heartbroken when school officials told us that she would have to change her dreadlocks if she wanted to attend school because apparently the school's dress code labels dreadlocks as "unacceptable."

I take great pride in my two daughters and my son looking nice. I'm a barber myself and my wife takes care of Tiana's dreads. I would never want them to leave the house not looking presentable. Tiana has had dreads for years and it was never a problem for the whole school year last year. 

I couldn't believe that my daughter was made to feel like she wasn't good enough just because of her hair. She's a straight A student and I wasn't about to change the hair she loves just to make school officials happy. Instead, I enrolled her right away in a school that accepts her and her hair.

But I don't want any other kid or parent to go through what we went through and be made to feel this way. What happened to Tiana wasn't right and I wouldn't want that for anyone. I think the Deborah Brown Community School should change its dress code policy and allow kids with natural hair like dreads to keep going to school.

If you agree, help me to send a message to the school to change its policy.

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  • Founder and Executive Director, Deborah Brown Community School
    Deborah Brown
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    Harold Roberts

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