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Stop "Predatory Price Increases" on Pharmaceutical Drugs

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Please help support the Chronic Illness Awareness Coalition’s “Call to Action” that those in Washington "act and listen to the people", not lobbyists of large pharmaceutical companies, and hold Pharma Companies accountable for “Predatory Price Increases”.

The issue:

There has been an increasing trend of Pharmaceutical companies targeting both “Brand and Generic” drugs for those with Chronic Illness and increasing the price, of an EXISTING DRUG, by hundreds and sometimes over a thousand percent! And why? Because they know they can. They know that if you have a Chronic Illness you must take that medication, therefore you will pay whatever they charge. This is only a win for the Pharmaceutical company who implements this type of predatory price hiking practice. There is no proof of better outcomes from predatory price hikes, in fact the opposite, in many case people stop taking their medication because they cannot afford it. It negatively effects Health Insurance carriers as well, as the insurance companies have also complained this type of targeted price gouging drives up costs. Many carriers site the difference of what a member pays verses what the carrier pays on high cost generics, meaning a member may only pay $4 for a $800 generic medication. And it hurts the average tax payer in increased costs to Medicaid and other state and local county programs.  A price hike of 300%, not unheard of, will causes costs of state and federal programs to skyrocket, raising all of our taxes.  Again, the big winner here is the Pharma Company and it’s CEO. Definitely not the patient, the insurance company or the tax payer.

Want proof?

According to Feb 14 2017, about Marathon Pharmaceuticals and CEO Jeffrey Aronin "Marathon increased the prices of the two older, off-patent heart drugs, Isuprel and Nitropress, by almost 400 percent over two years"  It’s reported that Mr. Aronin had done similar price hikes with other Pharma Companies; “Aronin was earlier chief executive of Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc., which was sued by the Federal Trade Commission after raising the price of an older drug used to treat a deadly congenital heart defect in babies by almost 1,300 percent, from $36 a vial to nearly $500 a vial”

According to from Sept 27 2016 (2) about Mylan Pharmaceutical and their CEO Heather Bresch “EpiPen has gone from $100 for a two-pack in 2009 to $608 today.”

According to Sept 20, 2015 (3) about Turning Pharmaceuticals and CEO Martin Shkreli  “The drug, called Daraprim, was acquired in August by Turning Pharmaceuticals, a start up run by a former hedge fund manager. Turning immediately raised the price to $750 a tablet from $13.50…”

All of these cases are about massive price hikes to medication already on the market with no significant change in to justify these types of price hikes.  These are medications for babies, children, teens, adults and seniors that treat different conditions.  But the one thing they have in common, they all treat a chronic illness that requires continued use of their mediation.  

What do we want?

Allow Medicare and/or the Federal Government to price control or negotiate medication prices from Pharmaceutical companies. Those with Chronic Illness need protection from Pharmaceutical companies who engage in "Predatory Price Hikes".  With our country’s (United States) collective buying power we should be getting a deal, not being overcharged, on prescription medications.

What we need to do?

This is a “Call to Action”!   

First: Please sign our petition   

Second: Get active and let your local representative know that we need accountability from Pharma CEO’s and “Predatory Price Hikes". Let Washington know that we need to protect our chronically ill friends and family from these types of predatory Pharmaceutical companies.

Third:  Join the Chronic Illness Awareness Coalition and help advocate for coordination of care and affordable, and accessible medication and treatment of Chronic Illness. 

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