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Force "Dan Lauffer" AKA "Carson Lauffer" Out of Nov. 7th Walled Lake Election, Michigan.

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Dan Lauffer is Carson Lauffer, AKA Carson Daniel from Joliet, Illinois. In religious circles he is known as "Pastor Bigot." He was forced out of the clergy by Bishop Jonathan D. Keaton, the episcopal leader of the United Methodist Church for "behavior which undermines the ministry of another pastor." His past was glossed over by the Michigan media while he ran for Michigan State Representative in 2014. He lost the election to Kathy Crawford. Lauffer Harassed Crawford endlessly, even buying the domain "" and mocked her relentlessly online. The fake pastor is chasing power in Michigan again. He is running for City Council Member of Walled Lake with his devoted followers that share his vulgar views, Gabriel Costanzo, Susan Helke, and Patrick Bryant, in a bid to take full control of Walled Lake. This group of silly extremists think they are smarter than everyone by using Roger Stone's method of "Attack, Attack, Attack, never defend" approach to politics to hide who they are and what their demented agenda really is. This is how unfit shills rise to the top in the political arena. Spewing out smoke screens of contrived outrage constantly to distract you. Screenshot recording you. Distracting you from the fact that they no nothing about being a public servant and nothing about consistent civic duty. Do not engage with these petty and "Bored" hate mongers. Don't accept their snake oil. 

Dan Lauffer
1488 Dover Hill N.
Walled Lake, MI


Gabriel Costanzo
815 Bluffton St.,
Walled Lake, MI


A sample of Dan Lauffer's uncontrollable hate: 

"Reforming an Obama supporter is like trying to pick up a turd by its clean end."

"With the invasion of sex education into elementary schools it may well have been the second option. Damn schools."

"Polygamy may be the only answer. Either that or we must have a massive resurgence of convents."

"I would not have written most blacks but then most Blacks do vote for the Democrats. Those who understand that most Blacks do not act fit to be in a civil society may be correct."

"Jesus cracked the whip when he got frustrated. I wish I knew where I could crack a good whip."

"More smug college graduates who have learned nothing but sophistry getting welfare checks so they can vote Democrat. Will the worm ever turn or will we collapse as a nation?"

"The GOP establishment really is intent on destroying the Tea Party. Fascinating."

"Yes, that is true. Many Muslims are bigots. That's why so many cut heads off."

"Why can't we have adults running our military?"

"Where can I get some really big guns so I can adequately defend myself against the government?"

"Where's her Tampax earrings?"

"Even Developmentally Disabled people know that Transvestites or cross dressers or whatever they call themselves are not quite right in the head."

"I've known several ex homosexuals. They not only must overcome the temptation in that area but they must overcome the vile threats of the so-called "gay" activists. Pray for the over comers that they not abandon their love for others suffering as they did."

"Why do people perpetuate the lie that Matthew Shepherd was tortured and murdered because he was gay? He was tortured and murdered by drug dealers over a bad deal. For the rest of the story I have no interest."

"Matthew Shepard's murder was over a drug deal and robbery and had nothing to do with a hate crime against homosexuals. He was a scumbag. He fits into the homosexualists pantheon, I'm sure."

"We know that there is no such thing as a homosexual marriage nor could there ever be."

"Islam is a nasty excuse for a religion."

"[Muslims] The Brits did this as late as the 16th century. I suppose that cruelty came also from inbreeding."

"It is curious and perhaps not inconsequential that we read of Muslims killing Christian and in some reports of them eating the dead or dying Christians' entrails and then this restaurant serving human flesh. But, then, perhaps they were just coincidences. Who can tell?"

"Martyrdom is our way of life. Still, lest the Muslim butchers wind up in hell we must pray for their conversion."

"Murdering bastards. All in the name of promiscuity and lust. They kill, and kill, and kill some more so they can be more lustful. Creepy!"

"What we have not done much of is to speak publicly the reason homosexuality is opposed by the Church of Jesus Christ and why it will never be any different. It simply is not allowed in the Bible nor in Christian tradition."

"GBGM spokespersons disingenuously cry ignorance. Funds, God's funds, given by trusting lay persons for the cause of missions, are spent by the GBGM for websites which promote witchcraft and licentiousness."

"The first head of this Leviathan which must be attacked until it is subdued in the Name of Christ is called rampant heresy. It is readily seen in the teachings of many at our seminaries who are involved in witchcraft and sorcery."


Seriously... People of MIchigan, do you want Dan Lauffer in power? Two more steps up the political ladder and all this public information gets expunged. (Article scrubbed by The Oakland Press)



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