Death of my cat due to un-professional handling by Dr. Aftab

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My beloved Persian cat  "Sweetie" aged 1 year and two month was spayed by Dr. Aftab, veterinary surgeon at Paws n Claws I-8 in Islamabad on 21.5.2020 at 1300hours, I brought the cat to my house at 1730hours. The cat was in continuous  pain as she was having trouble breathing, her belly was moving abnormally and her head was lying aside, in short she was in pain. I took the cat to the vet the second day   22.5.2020 for antibiotics injection and told the vet that she is not well. He told me that the Persian cats are very sensitive, she will become ok soon, he didn't even observe her properly.

in short there was no improvement in her in fact her health was deteriorating and was having difficulties in breathing. It was heart breaking to see our pet in such a miserable condition. Since she had not taken water or food  for the last three days. The doctor admitted her on 23.5.2020 in his clinic in order to give her glucose and other shots, which he never discussed with us.

on 24.5.2020 at 1400 hours when we visited the cat in the clinic she appeared to be in a better condition and Dr. told us she will be ok soon. We insisted to take her with us as we were missing her. Dr said that you can take her tomorrow, as she has to be given dose of glucose at 2200 hours. At 22.28 I called the Dr and he said that glucose is being given . To my surprise at 22.57 I received a call from the Dr that cat has died. We can not believe it as we took our lovely and healthy cat for spaying on 21.5.2020 and he returned her dead body on 24.5.2020

My investigations revealed that Dr's wife was pregnant and he become busy with his wife as the baby was born by an operation. His negligence made my poor innocent cat suffer and she died mercilessly by his substitute and attendants (who do not have any qualifications) as she was not given the care she needed.

i know my cat can not come back, but I need the help of all pet lovers to join my hands to cancel the license of such Doctors so no one else loses their pets in future. I wish I can express my sorrows and grief I am suffering because of untimely and sudden passing of our "Sweetie". Me my wife and daughter are still in a shock as our pet was perfectly good condition.