Ask Death Guild to retire the Lynching Scene Logo

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Dear Death Guild owner, operators and community,

We are asking you to please change your logo, which depicts a body hanging in a tree and resembles a lynch scene, to something more culturally sensitive towards African Americans, some of whom find the logo triggering. We ask that you do this in solidarity with the black community. 

Gothic culture is for all races, but historically, it has been associated with Eurocentric imagery, white skin worshiping, and even worse, the adoption of culturally offensive imagery such as seen on the Death in June logo, that invokes antisemitism and racism. Many goths stopped wearing Death in June t-shirts in solidarity with the people who protested Charlottesville, and asked other people to retire images that invoke Nazi SS offices and other problematic imagery. 

By changing the logo, Death Guild would send a strong message to the community that it, one of the longest running goth clubs in America, is in solidarity with people of color. That it is willing, ready, and able to toss out Goth's long, old culture of Eurocentric values and edgy logos that are associated with things that trigger minorities. That black people are welcome at Death Guild, and part of the community.

I have been a part of Death Guild since the day it opened in 1993. I am not the only black person on the goth scene, but I have been a part of it since 1987. There was a time when I looked at the logo as harmless, but with the current national situation being as it is, it now serves as a reminder of Jim Crow and the days when a black person could be lynched just for talking to someone white. 

Please, in solidarity, take it down.

Sincerely Yours,

Sumiko Saulson

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