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#DearPlaytex: Stop the "Beaver-Peach-Knob-Woodpeck" campaign.

This ad campaign is demeaning and demoralizing to women - especially young girls. This campaign (and many like it) laser at young girls insecurities by saying “Being smart or athletic or talented isn’t enough to get by.” Let's stop putting profits above self-worth.

Letter to
Playtex Fresh & Sexy Wipes
Stop the "Beaver-Peach-Knob-Woodpeck" campaign. These suggestive marketing campaigns are going too far by teaching young girls that their acceptance by others is based on how much she can buy, her underwear choice, or how clean she is.

If you really want to reach this market, start putting a child’s self-worth above profit, and chances are you will have a them as a customer throughout their whole life.

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