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Updating Dearborn County Ordinance to protect dogs in extreme temperatures!

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Please help me to help protect the dogs of Dearborn County from extreme temperatures.  Our county ordinance is outdated and unfortunately left up to interpretation when it comes to extreme temperatures.

90.03 (A) (2) Shall have proper and adequate food that is nutritionally appropriate for the the species in adequate amounts to maintain good health, fresh potable drinking water, shelter and ventilation, including QUARTERS THAT ARE PROTECTED FROM EXCESSIVE HEAT AND COLD and are sufficient size to permit the animal to exercise and move about freely;

To me this is completely left to interpretation as we have no explanation of what these quarters need to be or what constitutes "excessive" heat and cold.  Theoretically it could be -10 degrees and if the dogs have a plastic igloo dog house the dog owner can not be cited by animal control and the dog is left without a voice to fend for them self. 

I'm recommending some changes to our current ordinance to ensure the safety of those dogs in need.  Using the Marion County Ordinance as an example I propose the following changes are made and added to our current ordinance:

(1)  Has access to a shelter constructed of solid wood or other weather resistant material, consisting of a structure with solid walls on all sides, a dry floor raised above the ground, and a solid roof sloped away from the entrance to protect the dog from weather and extreme cold.  During winter and any day where the temperature is at or below 40 degrees F, the shelter must be just large enough for the dog to stand up and turn around, the entrance covered by a flexible wind proofing material or self closing door, and must contain clean, dry bedding, which must consist of an insulating material that does not retain moisture, such as straw, of sufficient depth for the dog to burrow.  On any day when the temperature is at or above 80 degrees F, the shelter must be shaded by trees, a tarp, or a tarp-like devise.

(2)  Must be brought into a temperature controlled facility when the temperature is at or below 20 degrees F or at or above 90 degrees F, or when a heat advisory, wind chill warning, or tornado warning has been issued by local, state, or national authority, except when the dog in visual range of a competent adult who is outside with the dog.

(3)  Has adequate space for exercise when confined in an enclosure or pen, which shall consist of no less than one hundred (100) square feet.  A dog over eighty (80) pounds must be provided with and additional fifty (50) square feet.  For each additional dog inside the enclosure, fifty square feet of space for exercise must be added per dog.

"Temperature controlled facility" means a building maintained between 40 degrees F and 80 degrees F.

I, Kevin Manlief, would be perfectly happy to work with the Dearborn County Commissioners and Dearborn County Animal Control officers to update our outdated and ineffective ordinance.

Please sign my petition to help me show the proper officials just how important our dogs are to us.  Dogs do not have a voice so it's up to us to ensure their safety.

Thank you,

Kevin Manlief (DCDOGS.NET)

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