Apple: Are the new iPhones built by child labour?

Apple: Are the new iPhones built by child labour?

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Last week, Apple launched its new range of $1,000+ iPhones and watches. Over the years I've owned a range of Apple products and will never forget the first time I got hold of one of the first iPods - what a wonderful creation! 1,000 songs in my pocket! Later I bought a MacBook for uni and was able to do cool presentations and edit photos and videos. I'm like hundreds of millions of people who have experienced the magical creations of Steve Jobs and now Tim Cook.

There's no doubt that Apple has made a good dent in the universe.

However - to be cliche - there are always bad apples. In the last few years, Apple have come under scrutiny for cases of suicide in the Foxconn factory where their products are assembled, and the investigations by Amnesty International which found children as young as four years old mining minerals in dangerous working conditions for as little as £0.08 a day. 

To their credit, since these issues became news, Apple paid attention and took action in 2017 to these injustices. But even more recent reports allege Apple may have committed human rights abuses this year.

It is not at all clear. And as consumers and citizens, we can take steps to ensure there's no blood spilled in the production of the things we buy, and exercise our responsibilities to protect fellow humans’ rights in the digital age. 

That's why this petition asks Tim Cook, Chief Executive Officer of Apple Inc., for transparency on the following:

1. Can you confirm that the newly released Apple products have not sourced any minerals from mines with child labour?
2. Can you confirm the minimum pay of workers in your supply chain?
3. Will work with us and our union of citizens to shape tech for good?

If you want answers to these questions too, please sign this petition. Thank you.

Together, we're stronger.

Kind regards,

Alvin Carpio