Dear Media, Women Sufferings are Sensational News, Support Preventive Campaigns Too

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A school headmistress is forced by the management member to be his mistress.

A shy office worker is blackmailed in office by shooting her naked video.

A professor at medical college who insists with his student to sleep with him to pass the exam.

Being Raped in office and then Labelled as consensual sex.

Making a choice between self and earning a livelihood for family by sleeping with the boss as her husband died.

All of these are true heart wrenching stories that would have either reached you via news channels or will reach you in some time. This is also a fact of what women go through at their workplace. If no one talks about it doesn’t mean that It is doesn’t exist.

Shame, embarrassment and, and fear of being expelled from the job are the emotions that overpower the urge to express and seek support for the pain these women go through at their workplaces. 

These are some of the harrowing tales that Working Women have shared .This is not some dark corner, dingy place, or a secluded space, but an office, a workplace where like any educated Indian citizen she too wished of having a successful career, being able to have wings to fly and dream of being a free bird. After all, who would expect that an office would be worse that a Dons nest, rather than giving wings to women it would actually clip her wings and cripple her for life.

“Sexually harassing and assaulting women at workplace is rampant, and an unsaid truth, it is like gravity which no-one can escape”.

Should we, the Women of India just give up and be Barbie dolls to our society? Aren’t we supposed to have a life, a dream and a constitutional right to work with dignity. 

A National campaign called #MahilaBol, which is probably the largest outreach of this kind in the world, is underway. Aimed at spreading awareness of sexual harassment and ways of dealing with sexual harassment to over 1 lakh working women both in cities and rural India, this 10 minute exercise not only builds awareness amongst women but also gathers feedback on the experiences of sexual harassment and provides help to those currently suffering.

As women speak and are made aware of their rights, the policy making bodies want to ensure that requisite changes in policy are brought about so that women can really have a workplace free from sexual harassment and the gaps in the implementation of the law are plugged.

 But the Media chose to be absolutely Silent about it, not a word, as if trying to protect a social revolution from beginning, and on being contacted, they say give us a story, give us masala, let the things happen and then we will report. The suffering of women is someone’s news, why would the media which is the 4th estate be bothered about talking of something which is being done as a preventive measure so no Barbie Doll in future goes through the harrowing tales, why would the media be bothered about giving space for freeing women from a present deep rooted evil in the corporate world when they can easily talk about how wonderfully the Women’s Day is celebrated across the country.

While “Women Raped in Office” makes a great headline and gives great readership, it also breaks the heart of hundreds of women and kills the dreams of another thousand.

My ask is to Press Trust of India and Press Information Bureau to focus on campaigns which are aimed at preventing harassment and suffering of women, give them some space and support them. Help in really empowering women rather than doing lip service. 

Support this petition by signing so the 2 apex media bodies in India are forced to talk about not only #MahilaBol but many other buried preventive campaigns for the benefit of Women in India.