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Stop the plans to resume stray dog culling in Romania


More than 30,000 dogs have died! Please help us put a stop to a further massacre!!

The images of the tortured dogs of Brasov have triggered worldwide protests by animal rights activists. More than 30,000 dogs have been captured over the past few years, starved, beaten to death or killed with T61.

Last year the fate of the Brasov stray dogs took a turn for the better with the city opting for a humane approach to solve the stray dog problem. The responsibility of the stray dog population was handed over to the local animal shelter ran by AMP Millions of Friends with the help of their German partners BMT. The programme involved neutering, health care and the rehoming of these strays both in Romania and across Europe.

Flavius Barbulescu runs an independent barbaric dog catching and killing business and has now sold his concept of a killing station to eleven municipalities in the Brasov County. The plan is to build a new shelter in the form of a secluded high security prison shielded from prying eyes and funded with tax payers money. The prison will be surrounded and protected by barbed wire, with surveillance, pompous management and internal access for the dog catcher transports where very few dogs will leave alive.

We appeal to you to say no to the killing station and stop these plans by signing this Petition. This Petition will be aimed at urging the municipalities to continue to hand over responsibility for their stray dogs to the animal welfare groups in those areas including the ‘Association for the Protection of Animals, Millions of Friends’ supported by Romanian Underdogs and our colleagues BMT Bund Gegen Missbrach der Tiere e.V, Germany.

Share this message and stop the merciless killing of thousands of dogs.

Letter to
Dear Mayor George Scripcaru
I am writing to you today in response to the appalling news that the mass culling of stray dogs is about to start again in many parts of Romania including Brasov. This comes after the agreement last year which put Asociatia Milioane de Preteni supported by BMT in charge of the stray population. Asociatia Milionane de Preteni have proven that dogs can be controlled in a humane manner and that brutal mass killings have no place in a modern world.

The international community, of which I am a member has been watching the progress made in Brasov and will be rightly condemning very strongly any backward step in dealing with this issue.

I urge you to help stop these plans and hand over stray dog management control to the animal welfare organisations, with whom you have been working for some time, and their supporters now including the Asociatia Milioane de Preteni which is supported by BMT Bund Gegen Missbrauch der Tiere e.V. and the Romanian UnderDogs - demonstrating a truly international alliance of support in favour of finding more humane methods of stray dog population control.

Please help reverse this decision before it is too late and dogs start to die unnecessarily.

Thank you for reading this and I look forward to your rapid response to this looming crisis.


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