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Dear Facebook, Please Stop Running Racist Apps


Vaseline (owned by multinational Unilever) has just launched a Facebook application that will help India's Facebook users to whiten their skin in profile photos. The application is intended to advertise Vaseline's skin-lightening creams for men -- products that not only promote a distorted idea of beauty, but can also damage consumers' health.  

Tell Facebook that apps are fun, but not when they promote racist ideas about beauty. Ask the company to take this offensive app off the site. 

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CEO, Facebook Mark Zuckerberg
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I was outraged to see that Vaseline has begun promoting an application to Indian users that's designed to allow Facebook users to whiten their profile photos. I was also disappointed to see that Facebook is willing to host such offensive applications on its site. Social media networking is fun, but not when it involves brands like Vaseline (owned by the multinational Unilever) promoting products that not only offer distorted images of beauty, but also can actively damage users' health.

I hope that you will seriously reconsider whether to tolerate Unilever's application, and commit to making Facebook a platform that doesn't back offensive applications like these. started this petition with a single signature, and now has 11,449 supporters. Start a petition today to change something you care about.