Dear Apple/Google... we want emoji font choice! #emojifreedom

Dear Apple/Google... we want emoji font choice! #emojifreedom

July 15, 2019
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Why this petition matters

Started by Rick Moby

You use emoji.  In fact, they're likely an everyday tool you couldn't imagine communicating without.  Emoji have become an essential part of modern communication most of us love and accept into our digital world.

Ever wondered why your emoji look different than other devices?

Here's the answer:

  • Your device (iOS, Android, etc) comes pre-installed with a default emoji font.
  • That default emoji font was likely provided by the OS itself, or a device manufacturer like Samsung.
  • When someone sends you an emoji, the resulting emoji picture icon that's displayed on your device is powered by that emoji font.

Did you know device manufacturers like Apple and Google lock down their branded default emoji (preventing choice)?

Please sign this petition if any of these apply:

  1. Tired or dislike of the default emoji designs on your device?
  2. Wish you could select another emoji font or upload your own?
  3. Feel it's wrong for vendors like Apple/Google to force us into using their singular emoji font?
  4. You're an advocate of digital freedom, openness, and innovation.

Did you know independent emoji fonts exist, which you've probably never heard of?

There are 2 complete (Unicode Compliant) up-to-date emoji fonts that you don't have access to.  You couldn't use them if you wanted to as your default emoji.

  1. JoyPixels - The first ever open source emoji font (EmojiOne, 2014) and now a premium emoji font provider.  A gorgeous emoji font that's free and downloadable for personal use.
  2. Openmoji - A new open source emoji project contributed by professors and students of a German Design University.

We've started this petition to demand emoji font choice!

Please sign this petition today to demand emoji freedom.  Innovation stalls with the presence of walls.  Google, Apple, and Microsoft all have the power to unlock this ability.  Make your voice heard and let's create change.

Thank you.


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Signatures: 16,535Next Goal: 25,000
Support now

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