Fair checking of examination papers of NCWEB, University of Delhi

Fair checking of examination papers of NCWEB, University of Delhi

7 January 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Sharanya Tiwari

For years now, there are 3 generally accepted norms about the women students of the Non-Collegiate Women's Education Board (NCWEB), University of Delhi:

1) They are not serious about their studies

2) They are studying for the sake of a degree, and have no future plans

3) Regular students are academically better than them

This prejudice, which has infested the general thought process of faculty and students of University of Delhi alike, gets translated into marks as well. No matter how hard you work, you never score good marks! As women of NCWEB, we simply accept this discrimination as the natural norm. So, when we hear that this has been happening for decades and this is how it is, we do not question it.

But women, the time has come to ask questions. I know, this casual stereotyping of NCWEB women is so vague and oral, that we have no concrete evidence against it.

But are our marksheets not evidence enough?

Some of us even attend regular college, but to no fruition. And if this doesn't boil your blood, remember the fiasco in M.A. English Semester II (2019) when the examination department did not scale up the marks of an entire course for the IDC Buddhist Studies! Only when we personally went to them and asked questions and some of us who could afford it demanded our answer sheets back, did they scale up our marks. How can they be so casual about our future?

So, who knows if our marks are even being scaled up? History bears testament, that they might simply be scaling up marks for one paper and not for the other simply because they were too casual and simply forgot! It is not financially possible for every woman to ask for all of her answer sheets back.

Think about your future women! Some of you have dreamt of being professors. But the criteria for UGC NET is minimum 55% marks in Master's degree. Majority of NCWEB women are ineligible to even apply! Some of you dreamt of going abroad. But your marks don't allow anymore. And some of you have simply given up.

But two years is no less. The time has come to make these two years count, not as a favour, but as a right of hardworking women with big plans for the future. 


1) In the next semester (Semester IV for example) show answer sheets for all 4 papers of previous semester (Semester III for example), without levying the fee 

2) Fair checking of papers of women of NCWEB 



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Signatures: 122Next Goal: 200
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