Sarah Braasch shouldn’t be allowed to stay at Yale

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On May 8th, Lolade Siyonbola (GRD ’19), a black graduate student at Yale University was harassed for being asleep in a common area in her dorm, when campus police officers came to investigate reports of an intruder. The police came, after Sarah Braasch (GRD ’20) called to report the incident. However this was not Siyonbola’s first run in with Brassch. In February of this year, Brassch physically blocked the entry of a guest of Siyonbola, and also called the police, when she refused to believe that either were Yale students. 

That incident began when Siyonbola invited several colleagues, including Reneson, to a meeting in the HGS common room on February 24. Reneson, lost in HGS, was physically blocked by Braasch from entering the common room after he asked her for directions, the complaint. 

Braasch, age 43, holds two engineering degrees, a law degree, and a degree in philosophy, and has also fought against laws restricting hate crimes. “I am pretty much the only person I know who hates hate-crime legislation as little more than bald-faced thought-crime legislation. I am not infrequently verbally vilified for asserting the claim that morality has no place in the law,” she wrote in the 2010 article. In 2011 she wrote a piece on Daylight Atheism titled, “Be Careful What You Wish For (Why I Hate Hate Crimes Legislation, But I Love Hate Speech).”

We call on Yale's President Peter Salovey, Dean Cooley of Yale’s Graduate School of Arts & Science, and Yale University Secretary and Vice President for Student Life Goff-Crews, to remove Braasch from Yale because her stated philosophy is one that violates the moral and intellectual codes of the university; because her multiple counts of harassment and racism against other students violates the safety of students of color. Students of color at Yale should not be re-traumatized by seeing Braasch on campus this fall. We also insist on a mental health evaluation for Braasch so that she can be prevented from doing harm to herself or others.

These facts were reported in the Yale Daily News, and have been confirmed by Lolade Siyonbola.