Save the Memorial Organ in Convocation Hall at the University of Alberta

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 A fundraising project to revitalize and renovate Convocation Hall is presently taking place at the University of Alberta. The problem is that the current renovation plan, quietly prepared, will desecrate the university's War Memorial Organ and the historic Memorial Organ Cases by removing them. In other words, the University of Alberta, in a single stroke, is planning to obliterate a significant War Memorial and all physical evidence of nearly 100 years’ history of organ music in Convocation Hall. 

The solution to this problem is to prevail upon Lesley Cormack, Dean of Arts, and William Street, Chair of Music, to be open and transparent about their plan. They must honour the sacrifices which led to the Memorial Organ that graces Convocation Hall with beauty of architecture, sound and historic significance; they must respect the generations of university students, faculty and officials who chose to remember the fallen with a monument which offers cultural value, solace, majesty, courage and joy through its music. They must be willing to consult, to compromise and to revise the revitalization plans with a decision to preserve the Memorial Organ.  Otherwise, it will be lost forever. Note: I am not fundraising with this petition;  money donated here is not directed to the renovation project but  to