Fire Elizabeth Lederer from Columbia School Of Law!

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Your lecturer in law is corrupt and not competent enough to mold and and teach  future lawyers, specifically students of color. This is evident in the infamous Central Park Jogger Case, 1989. Succumbed to public pressure, than district attorney Ms Lederer and her team violated civil and human rights. Corruption is smeared all over the case; from coercing confessions, the use of manipulative tactics on underdeveloped adolescent minds, discrimination, exploitaton of the poor and disenfranchised, attempting to plant false evidence alleging a 'matched’ hair of the victim, on one of the boys. An incredibly outrageous and desperate claim that displays the immorality and misconduct that is Elizabeth Lederer. How is she even a remotely skilled prosecutor, If she dismissed an accurate forensic dna analysis, that matched neither of the teens. How did she not suspect Reyes, the real culprit who was arrested for similar styled assaults and has identical dna to the one found on the jogger . Because of her inability to do her job, a pregnant woman by the name of Lourdes Gonzales was murdered in front of her traumatized kids, the lives of innocent youth were hindered and stunted whilst she goes on to have a fairytale ending, employed by a prestigious institution. Is this what the columbia law school teaches it's students? #WhenTheySeeUs