Keep Mayfield's Milk Tennessee Milk!

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Dean Foods may not know this, but the name Mayfield is synonymous with Tennessee dairies and Tennessee quality. 
Generations of Tennesseans have always bought Mayfield's because we knew the milk was local toTennessee, and we know the quality of milk produced on our local farms. That's why Mayfield became the top brand. Local families. Local farms. Highest quality.
Now we hear you are cutting out the small Tennessee farms in favor of far-flung farms in areas that have nothing to do with our local family owned farms. 
We understand the pressure is to sell cheap milk from Wal-Mart, Kroger, Aldi, etc.. But you won't win by racing them to the bottom. You will lose us--your base--the customers who made Mayfield successful. We were always willing to pay just a little more for Mayfield's because it was local. If it's not local anymore, we no longer have a reason to buy it. Period.
PLEASE ADDRESS THIS and let us know you are NOT letting go the local dairymen who are 10 miles from the plant in favor of large-scale dairies on the other side of the country!