Deaf Rights

Deaf Rights

3 March 2022
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Why this petition matters

We, the undersigned, petition National Excecutive Committee to ask Mr Bruno Druchen to step down as the National Director of DeafSA, The reasons are as follows:

1. Concerned Deaf citizens are not happy with DeafSA's service delivery and are deeply troubled by the state of DeafSA affairs, leadership and management. 

2. You are aware that allegations of nepotism and favoritism ar staff level and higher management level have substance. Family members and friends are given job opportunities at the expense of others who deserved these position. You have allowed this to happened for many years. The most painful issue Mr Deysel is controlling the National Director.

3. White members get promotion without interviews, Black have to do interview for the very same positions.

4. Provinces especially Mpumalanga are not happy with the appointment of Provincial Director and other positions residing from other areas.

5. You have failed dismally in terms of making SASL as the official language.

6. Many Deaf people still do not have jobs, and access to basic services from government.

7. We requested that Mr Druchen be replaced by someone more competent. The current NEC should not stand for elections because they have done nothing as leaders.

8. We concerned are not going to rest unit twe achieve he removal of Mr Druchen as National Director.

9. Should you decline this petitions we respectfully request that you furnish us with reasons of your decision.

10. If we are not happy with your reasonsonsw, the matter will be elevated to government and media.

11. The DeafSA constitution and policies are not transparent:- The Provincial Director and Financial Director are restricted by confidential clause in our policy from reporting any irregularities in the organization.

12. DeafSA does not help department of Education to revive lessons.

13. Deaf youth do not have accessibility of proper information availablity of opportunities.

14. Women and children no workshop and education about GBV.

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Signatures: 511Next Goal: 1,000
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