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Deadline August 4th: Support Tough New Mercury and Air Toxics Standards

URGENT: The Environmental Protect Agency needs to hear your support for tough new air pollution standards by August 4th.

If you live in the United States, there's a good chance you are being exposed to mercury, arsenic, acid gases, and even radioactive pollution that spew by the hundreds of thousands of tons every year from America's coal-fired power plants.

These pollutants pose very significant health threats to every American -- from brain damage in newborn infants to various forms of cancer to cardiovascular, dermal, respiratory, and immune systems damage.

What's worse – these life-threatening emissions have never been limited from these sources by the Environmental Protection Agency... until now.

The EPA just proposed tough new Mercury and Air Toxics Standards that will save lives, clean up our environment, and, for the first time, limit a wide range of toxic air pollution from America's coal-fired power plants. 

But we know the polluters won't give up without a fight. They and their allies are fighting in Congress right now to do everything they can to "rein in" the EPA. That's why we need you to speak up.

Let's show the polluters that clean air standards have overwhelming public support.

The EPA needs to hear from you by the end of the public comment period - August 4th. Take action today and support their tough new hazardous air pollution standards for coal-fired power plants.

Letter to
Environmental Protection Agency
I strongly support the new Mercury and Air Toxics Standards rule that for the first time would limit mercury and other hazardous air pollution from America's power plants.

Every year, coal-fired power plants emit 386,000 tons of hazardous air pollution, including 72% of America's toxic mercury air emissions and 76% of America's acid gas emissions.

These pollutants pose very significant health threats to every American -- from brain damage in newborn infants to various forms of cancer to cardiovascular, dermal, respiratory, and immune systems damage.

Put simply, the new standard will save lives and protect millions of Americans from preventable disease. And the economic benefits are likely to outweigh the costs by up to 13:1, resulting in total health and economic benefits of an estimated $140 billion annually.

We've waited more than 20 years for these strong new standards, and it's time we forced power plants to clean up their pollution that inflicts such tremendous damage on our health.

Thank you for setting a strong Mercury and Air Toxics Standards rule, which I fully support.