We Want Dead and Company to do a tour in Canada.

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Canadian Dead and Company / Grateful Dead fans have traveled every tour, year after year, south of the border. No matter the season or weather, no matter the distance, the four winds always blow us home to dance and shake our bones to the band we love to hear live. 

The road stories for us are always long, involve a border crossing and while always still amazeballs fun, it would be nice to stay on home turf and welcome the band, the team, the family and friends, to beautiful Canada again. Specifically to the Ontario/Quebec or BC area, maybe the big cities like Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver - or even a small fun festival at the new and improved (and awesome) Burl's Creek near Orillia in Ontario. Doesn't the area called "Moonstone" sound magical for a Dead show?! Ben Harper and Weazer played here in 2017. That's big for coming north of Toronto in Georgian Bay and Muskoka, speaking of Muskoka, maybe the Kee to Bala? The list of opportunities is large.

AND Free maple syrup and poutine for all (ok, just kidding on that one). 

If you agree that it's time to let your freak flag in Canada, please feel free to sign, share and sing it from the roof tops. In the comments please share your personal stories about the band, your road trips and friendships and why this would be special. Remember we are making a pitch here, let's strum those heart strings of those who make these decisions. 

We have a ton of love in the dream, now let's make it come true! 

Respectfully & Forever Grateful,

Your fans.