Dead Aboriginal Australian boy gets mocked on FACEBOOK. Remove the "Jackson Doolan: Train Wrestler Extraordinaire" Facebook page.

A Facebook page was created (22/12/2012) which is highly offensive and racist to all Aboriginal Australians and more specifically deceased Aboriginal boy Jackson Doolan.

Jackson Doolan was a 17 year old boy killed by a train in Brisbane QLD, 2012. 
The page is called "Jackson Doolan: Train wrestler extraordinaire". It contains racist hate speech/images and mockery of the deceased Aboriginal boy. 

Facebook is refusing removal of the page stating the page "does not violate Facebook's Statement of Rights and Responsibilities", despite a number of people having reported the page. Families are mourning and do not need a negative page targeted at their family member. Also, Indigenous Australians or any race for that matter, do not deserve racist hate pages.

I'm an Aboriginal Australian, and I have two younger brothers who I love dearly. It breaks my heart to think that people could say things like this about a boy just like my two brothers.

We have support from the Online Hate Prevention Institute who are currently collating information to help put an end to this page. This petition will be passed on to the OHPI when we reach required numbers. 

Please sign the petition, SHARE and report the Facebook page in support.

Thank you,

Kristal West

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