Move De Anza Classes Online Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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As De Anza Associated Student Body Chair of Student Rights and Services, it is my duty to give students a platform to voice their concerns about this issue. This petition is to demonstrate student interest in moving courses online in an effort to prevent an outbreak on campus and keep students safe and healthy while acknowledging their different situations and the risks they are required to take to get to campus and go to classes. 

Some concerns that have been voiced include: 

- The college is waiting for an outbreak rather than taking preventative measures to maintain low risk overall. 
- Students who are facing housing and transportation insecurity are required to commute on public transportation which increases their exposure and therefore the exposure of others in the De Anza community, given only 4.8% of the student population lives in Cupertino. 
- Students expressing their concerns or not attending class due to illness or fear of exposure have been dismissed or accused of dishonorable intentions by their professors, which discourages students from taking the necessary steps to protect their health and the health of others.
- There is limited information on the infection rate, symptoms, and lasting effects of COVID-19 and a lack of resources available in the greater Bay Area to properly mitigate the epidemic. 
- De Anza College is one of the few educational institutions in the area that has not moved its courses online even after Santa Clara county’s legal order to ban mass gatherings of 1000 people or more.

This should not be taken as a comprehensive list of student concerns. 

The DASB Senate recognizes the importance of minimizing risk, therefore, DASB Senate has canceled all upcoming DASB events. 

Thus we propose to prioritize moving all classes online. For courses where that is not possible, we encourage meeting as minimally as possible. 

While this petition offers a formal request with clear language, it is important that similar petitions for this cause are also seen as fully legitimate. We should not ignore student concerns only because they have not phrased their concerns, needs, or requests, in language that is deemed grammatically correct or formal enough to be taken seriously by faculty and administration. 

With Community Concern, 

Paige Wallace, DASB Chair of Student Rights and Services

Shelly Michael, DASB President 

Maya Burns, DASB Vice President 

John Nguyen, DASB Chair of Flea Market 

Halina Liang, DASB Chair of Finance 

Casey Cosgrove, DASB Vice Chair of Environmental Sustainability

Steve Hoang, DASB Chair of Environmental Sustainability 

Juan Manuel Marquez, DASB Chair of Legislative Affairs 

Genevieve Kolar, De Anza College Student Trustee 

Grace Lim, DASB Senator 

Alex Wang, DASB Senator 

This has not been officially endorsed by DASB Senate.