Replacement of Spikes with Solar Fencing -Narayani(Assam) Army Base-Elephant Corridors

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Beds of six-inch long iron spikes put up in an Army cantonment in Guwahati to keep wild elephants out may have been the reason for the death of at least one pachyderm this month and injuries to several others in the past, said forest officials who had flagged this “cruel effort to keep the elephants at bay” in December 2018


The spokesperson said “the spikes have been put in areas where operational materials are being stored and shortage of them will cause operational exigencies.” According to a defence source, the supply depots in Narengi store rations for the defence forces in the Northeast.

Apart from protecting the country, Its requested from Army to help presrve & Conserve Wildlife as wrll, slready many are killed,poached or Shot. They are dying painful death judt becuase they entered the area looking for food.

Please replace spikes with Solar Fencing.