DCSD Members Broke the Law and Should be Recalled

DCSD Members Broke the Law and Should be Recalled

26,326 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!

Why this petition matters

Started by Kaci Burns Nice

Douglas County School board members asked Superintendent Corey Wise to resign or be fired unlawfully by violating our open meeting laws.  The meetings were behind closed doors and secretive.   According to some of the other board members time and corrective measures were not given to superintendent Wise and this was a surprise to him.  Corey Wise has been serving our community in various ways for 26 years.  After all of that, they fire him.  It's clear the board will not listen to our voices or pleas.  I refuse to teach my children the solution to their problems is to just do whatever you want even if it means break the law and no consequences.  

Stand with me the right way - Demand their resignations and sign this petition to show support and to show our children this sort of behavior will not be tolerated. This is not a way to get what you want.  Let's do it the right way and show them how to get things done.  Stand with me and ask as many as you can to sign this petition!

Here is the meeting of the 3 Board members that didn't know about Corey being asked to resign.  Look for yourself.  

Donations to the GoFundMe to help Corey fight this is the BEST way to help now.




This is not a formal recall petition but by providing your information we can provide you with updates about the recall and when to expect the next steps.  Don't lose faith.

Stand with me!  Sign the petition for their recalled seats - Note that donations made to change.org will not go to Corey Wise but change.org.  If you want to donate please give to the gofundme or wait for more information.  Check back to savecoreywise.com for more details soon.


26,326 have signed. Let’s get to 35,000!