2 February 2022
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Chief Minister Punjab (CHIEF MINISTER OFFICE PUNJAB) and
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Why this petition matters


The Whole Student Community demands that Exams must be Online. 

These demands came after looking at Multiple Reasons.

The Exams of Non-Board Classes like +1, 9th and all the junior Classes Must be Online. ( CBSE ).

Because Of: 

  1.  Most of the Students are NOT VACCINATED.
  2. The ones who are vaccinated have been recently vaccinated and those students might contain the Virus which Can Be Transmitted.
  3. Most of the schools do not follow protocols/some teachers are without Mask etc.
  4. It is difficult to have all the students follow the protocols.
  5. By Gathering all the classes from 1st-9th and 11th will make the spread of Virus more Possible.
  6. Students have studied most of the time on Online Medium and schools should not have any audacity to conduct Offline Exams


And there are Numerous Benefits of Online Exams.

  1. More Convenient.
  2. No need of Crowding.
  3. Can be Done from the most Safest Place i.e. Home.
  4. Computers and AI automatically checks and analyses the test and gives a Detailed Report.
  5. Makes Education system More Efficient, More Modern and Mistake Proof.

And this is the Best Time to Adopt the Modern Era of Education.


Teachers and Private Schools are not at Risk. They are Fully Vaccinated.

The Risk lies for Children. 

In Reality all these Private Schools Want to keep their Schools Open. And like all Private Business Models they will take Decisions in their own Interest and Not in the Interests of Children.

That's why this Petition has Been made to the Government to stand in Children's Interests.

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Signatures: 257Next Goal: 500
Support now