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Make Jason Todd and Barbara Gordon have a love relationship.

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Hello! I'm and huge fan of Dc Comics, specialy from the Batfamily and as a lot of people I have pairs that I like a lot. But I will speak on behalf of many people about a couple that has taken lot of weight this last months. Yes, as the title sais, I'm talking about Jason Todd and Barbara Gordon! But let me explain why we started to love them together, starting for present this awesome article from Katie Schenkel.

As we could appreciate, Jason and Barbara started to have some interactions in the past, but in Batman Eternal from the New 52, DC decided to make precious moments between them that a lot fans saw and appreciate it (as me). Moments when they let us see that they had something more than just friendship o coworkers stuff. They had some kind of chemistry and let me say that it was a lovely one. Of course, the situation wasn't the best to make that relation more deep but for a lot of us that meant a beginning.

It’s really complicated start to explain it all and for that reason I will start speaking about Batgirl. Yes, we love that nerdy and smart redheard. She was an example of overcome for a lot of people since The killing Joke and even when her legs worked again. But there is a little problem with the Batgirl of New 52 and now Rebirth: Nightwing. I won’t say that they didn’t make and adorable and awesome couple in the past, of course not, but as long as the new Batgirl become a new life for her did it to. She rejected Dick Grayson in Batgirl of Burnside and she did it twice more…but still existing that hope on here to be someday with Dick again as yourselves show us in Nightwing Rebirth. Even trying to make her be with other boys she always finish not having an interest for them. But who is the other boy who sometimes sees in Gotham and worked with him? ¿The one you show us that they can work perfectly together and had some feels from each other? Exactly, Jason Todd (Red Hood).

Now let’s go with him. Jason has his own interests. And what he does still being justice from him. Or at least that was at the beginning with the first Outlaws. But since Batman and Robin Eternal (and as in the article says, letting see his attitude change after work in Batman Eternal with Batgirl) he becomes a little bit closer to the batfamily again. The maximum moment of these becomes in Rebirth. I can’t talk about the new Outlaws with Bizarro and Artemis because I don’t know what is going on in the future with them but what I can see is that he spends more time in Gotham with the batfamily, specially with the Robins. That’s a good point, isn’t it? Again, together.

And of course, he worked with Batgirl a few more times (Like in Batman and Batman and Robin Eternal too). All of this makes less impossible the fact that Jason Todd and Barbara Gordon could see each other again sometimes.

Now let’s focus in this two together.

¿What makes them so different and similar at the same time? Well, the first point is that they have scars made by the same person: The Joker. Jason Todd died and Barbara…well, she became a crippled. They suffer a lot. The only difference is that Barbara took the right way because she was surrender with people but Jason was alone. But even if we insist Babs isn’t that little good girl as Batgirl. No, she is strong, she is young and sometimes enjoys punching and kicking asses to the bad boys, she is ironic and determinate. And sometimes she doesn’t tolerate a lot of things. ¿Who reminds me that?  Oh, right, Jason Todd. It’s for that than Batman asked him for help with Barbara in Batman Eternal. Because she became very mad and Jason new exactly how does that feels and affect to people like him.

And in Batman Eternal was in that lovely way but in a normal mission I can’t but imagine them together with Batgirl being the smart with a plan and Jason the “I’m going to crash that window and go for them” guy. The perfect combination. Plus that and talking in a romantic way, maybe it’s time from DC to make Barbara have a new and real love interest. To try to forget Dick who have a new love right now. On the other hand Jason never had a real interest love expecting Barbara (talking in the new 52). I mean, yes, he has sex and some things with other girls but nothing really important to him. Maybe it’s time for let him feel something more real and intense for one of (as he said) the girl who he admired so hard and still thinking that is just awesome: Barbara. Of course we now that it wouldn’t be easy because they are part of different worlds (they OWN worlds) but not impossible. The fans of this couple don’t want something easy but we really would love to see the development about what DC started in Batman Eternal.  

Maybe it’s just time to give them a chance.

I even could analyze every single moment between them to put more examples! But will not be here.

And it’s because I’m not the only person who thinks this that I wanted to make this I want DC Comics to see that a lot of people wants to see this and are interested in this new couple that we call Jaybabs.

Thanks you for all!

PD: Tumblr is full of lovely ideas about this two flirting or being together or just pushing them in some awesome situations!


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