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DC seems to be cancelling Nightwing in the New 52. In fact, the promotional image of the 30th issue is this -
The other horrifying indicator is what we have dubbed "Blonde-wing"

Dick Grayson is an iconic character for most comic book fans. As the official DC page says - "Robin the Boy Wonder made the kid sidekick an icon".

Fact of the matter is, Dick is the character most associated with Robin. He is the version of Robin most portrayed in the media and he grew up. Many comic book fans have grown up alongside him and have followed his journey from Robin to Nightwing, stepping out of the shadow of the Bat.

He has weathered many storms and has been pulled back from the brink on the 11th hour before (Infinite Crisis). And now the same writer that tried to kill him off has him within his grasp again.

He has been a leader, a support, a rock and a son and brother. Don't forget the general all round nice guy thing on his CV. Even more impressive some Batman fans may add was the fact he was able to dig deep enough to find the 10 year old in Assasin-raised Damian Wayne (RIP).

Now, several Damian fans were in for a shock when Batman, Inc. #8 rolled round. Are we going to let that happen to his eldest brother?

I say no.

We the fans have more pull than that. We saved John Stewart (Green Lantern no. 4, or if you've seen the Justice League cartoon, this is your guy). We can save Dick Grayson.

Spread the word. We have a time limit on this thing. Get as many people to sign this before April. We have a lot of work to do.


A concerned fan.
(Someone need to keep up the "Daring Heights and Touching Hearts")

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