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Return to the classic DC Comics Continuity / fire Dan Didio and Bob Harras

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Hello, my name is J.L. Renfrow, but some of you might know me better from YouTube as Mr. J from Mr. J's Geek Corner.

Today, I come to you with a special message for a special cause near and dear to me and many others, which is petitioning DC Comics to bring back their original Pre-Flashpoint/Pre-New 52 characters and continuity.

To get into specifics, in 2011 DC relaunched it's entire universe and comics line in a reboot they called "The New 52". They have had minor reboots before, but this one changed everything about the characters appearances as well as their personalities. One such example, being my favorite character, Superman. Before the reboot, he was an iconic character recognized by many generations as a symbol of hope, heroism and what it means to be a hero. He has been a recognizable pop culture staple for the past 77 years. Now, he has been ruined in both appearance and personality. He has been made to appear weak by the introduction of his supposed "need" to wear an armored suit, even though he is the Man of Steel and should have no use for such. Along with this change in appearance comes the fact that he no longer even acts like the hero so many have grown to know, love and look up to in admiration. This rebooted version has portrayed various un-Supermanlike characteristics. For example, caving in to peer pressure by having a drink of wine with his landlady. The only time the Pre-52 version ever drank alcohol was when he was under the influence of evil forces. Additionally, the rebooted version has also allowed Lois Lane to be killed when he could have prevented it, then preforming surgery with his thumbnail to try and save her life. The Pre-52 version has only preformed surgery through x-ray and heat vision means, as not to harm the victim. Thirdly, the New-52 version sees his Clark Kent persona only as a mask, not the core of who he really is. The Pre-52 version of Superman, however, sees himself as Clark Kent and Superman as what he can do.

Superman is not the only character affected by this relaunch. Wonder Woman, a character that for years has stood as an example of female empowerment has been drastically changed as well. Once from an island of strong women, with no need of a father as she was born of a clay statue created by her mother, she is now an offspring of an affair between her mother, Hippolytta and Zeus. Furthermore, her Pre-52 standing placed her as an ambassador of peace, whereas she has now been remade into a god of war.

Many other characters have been affected by the changes as well, mainly in the aspect of personality and previously adhered to social structure. Batman is yet another example of continuity-gone-awry. The Pre-52 Batman had heart as well as understanding for the residents of Gotham City. The rebooted Batman is a narcissist constantly looking to exalt himself above others. Additionally, he is currently teetering on the edge sanity and one bad day away from transforming into the one thing he has sworn to destroy.

Currently, there is a DC Comics event going on called Convergence in which all versions of Superman and other characters are forced to fight each other to see who is going to survive. All I see this as is a means for DC Comics to permanently obliterate the Pre-52 continuity and all of DC history in favor of this New-52 continuity. They have already debuted the new character design for Post-Convergence. Their physical attributes are even more unrecognizable than they were at the start of the New-52. Particularly that Superman no longer looks anything like his classic counterpart, but instead looks more like your average comic book fan with jeans and a t-shirt. Also, Batman has now been revealed to be Commissioner Gordon in a mechanized batsuit. To justify this, DC Comics co-publisher, Dan Didio stated, "In this new era of storytelling, storytelling trumps continuity." In other words the Post-Convergence DC Universe is going to be nothing more than fan fiction.

I and so many others feel that if DC Comics continues in this direction, it will ruin the company and possibly even result in bankruptcy. It is this reason that I am also petitioning for the removal of Editor-in-Chief Bob Harras and Co-Publisher Dan Didio from their positions at DC Comics because of their history with the company as well as their less-than-perfect track records in the comic book industry. To elaborate, Bob Harras is currently employed at DC Comics in the exact same job position making the exact same poor business decisions he made in the mid-to-late '90's while employed at Marvel Comics which caused them to file for bankruptcy and nearly put them out of business. Examples of the aforementioned decisions include: the much reviled Clone Saga of Spider-man comics in which he forced the return of Norman Osborn despite the objection of all staff writers as well as Heroes Reborn, which was basically The New-52, but with Marvel heroes.

My case against Dan Didio is centered more on his apparent personal bias on which he bases his business decisions. He has berated writers because he hated the book they were working on and responded to them by not only blocking their story input, but also by hijacking the sequel book and writing an incoherent story based solely on personal preferences that he called "52 Done Right". He rejected a writer's proposal for an all-ages comic saying, "We write comics for 42 year old men. If you want to write an all-ages book, go write Scooby-Doo." Furthermore, when fans posed the question, "Why did you go from 12% in women [creators] to 1% on your creative teams?", he threw their concern back in their faces by responding, "What do those numbers mean to you? What do they mean to you? Who should we be hiring? Tell me right now. Who should we be hiring right now? Tell me." He also has abolished all marriages of known DC characters in addition to blocking unfinished marriage centered story lines and teasing other marriage-centric story arcs only to obtain readership. One being the nuptials of Batwoman and Maggie Sawyer, even going so far as calling the creative team and telling them that they are abandoning the story, even though it was almost completed. In addition to these decisions, he took the liberty of making Green Lantern Alan Scott, a character who was heterosexual in the Pre-52, a homosexual in the New-52 solely to compete with Marvel's gay wedding between Northstar and his partner. This change only came about as yet another marketing ploy to gain attention without solidifying such changes. This bate-and-switch tactic was made obvious by Alan Scott's partner being killed in the very same issue in which both characters were introduced and engaged. Any and all changes therein were swept under the rug, never to be mentioned again. In what is perhaps his worst decision of all, he treated the rape of Elongated Man's wife, Sue Dibny, by Doctor Light as nothing more than a plot device to be played solely for shock value.

Do we really need people this out-of-touch with the fans making decisions for the fans? By signing this petition, the voices of fans like you will be heard. It's time to let DC Comics know that their fans are truly unhappy with the direction in which the company is going. Please sign and share this petition with your friends and family. This isn't just about trying to save fictional characters, it's about trying to save a part of American culture. It's about trying to save a piece of history. Let DC Comics know how you truly feel. Thank you for your support!

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