DC Comics: End the Antisemitism of Palmiotti, Hughes, and Hamner

DC Comics: End the Antisemitism of Palmiotti, Hughes, and Hamner

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The new animated show Harley Quinn has brought to light the antisemitism of several of your writers.  The show itself has labeled slum lords burning down their own buildings for the insurance as "Jewish lightning" and shown bags of cash being handed out as gift bags at a bar mitzvah.  The antisemitic caricatures of Penguin and his family, and of Sy Borgman and his wife, are reminiscent of Julius Streicher's work in Der Stürmer.

On October 13, 2019, Jimmy Palmiotti posted his excitement about the show including his character Sy Borgman.  Replying to him, Adam Hughes commented about how he and Cully Hamner had gotten a big kick out of the character, with Hamner referring to him as "Half man, Half Jew."

Had this sort of vile bigotry been directed at any other minority in the world, these men would have been fired immediately, and the show canceled midseason.

We ask that you show, by prompt action, that neither DC Comics nor its parent company Warner Bros. endorse this sort of hateful expression, particularly at a time when the majority of hate crimes in America are already directed at the 1% of the population who are Jews.

Thanks to Mr. Greedy Guts on Tumblr for bringing this to my attention.