Strengthen Animal Cruelty Laws in DC

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Many of you today were heartbroken and enraged regarding the conditions of Momma, a dog confined to a small pen with a wooden box and straw as her only protection against below freezing temperatures for four days. The Humane Rescue Alliance considers the "shelter" provided to Momma as adequate within current DC law. DC Code § 22–1001 (a) (1) states that, "Whoever knowingly...or unnecessarily fails to provide...proper food, drink, air, light, space, veterinary care, shelter, or protection from the weather, shall for every such offense be punished by imprisonment in jail not exceeding 180 days, or by fine not exceeding $250, or by both." This law does not go far enough in protecting animals like Momma. We demand the DC City Council take up legislation, for signature by the Mayor, to protect animals within DC in instances of extreme temperatures, inclement weather, or other neglect.