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Pay Back DC Workers for Needless Furlough Days and Lost Step Increases-NOW!

Pay Back DC Workers for the Needless Furlough Days and Lost Step Increases-NOW!

The Facts:
-DC employees were told that due to budget shortages, we needed to sacrifice our holiday pay to meet the needs of the District during the last fiscal year;

-All of the sacrifce was made by the everyday working class people who make it possible for the Capital of this Nation to function;

-The District did not have have a budget shortfall last fiscal year. In fact, the Distict had a SURPLUS of $240 MILLION, making any furlough of city employees needless;

-Although Mayor Gray has proposed fairly paying back district employees for lost pay, some City Council members such as David Catania and Jim Graham (annual salary $130,000) are pledging use OUR money for other "priorities";

-Another budget surplus of $77 million is projected for this fiscal year;


1.  All District employees are immediately reimbursed IN FULL for every penny that was lost in the needless furloughs last fiscal year. 

2.  Every employee that was due a step increase during the last fiscal year must be reimbursed IN FULL for every paycheck that was affected;

3.  That District officials immediately begin a process to raise the current pay scale for District employees to take effect in the next fiscal year. 



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