Help Cattle Dying of Starvation in Chitradurg Karnataka

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Dear Animal Lovers,

Thousands of starving cows and progeny need help in Chitradurg !

Thousands of cows, bulls & calves are starving as the drought hits Chitradurg taluk in Karnataka, no fodder, no water, no grazing land, no one to look after them. The mother cows have become dry, calves get no milk.They are so emaciated that many of them are hardly able to stand.

Since October 13, Dhyan Foundation has been feeding hundreds of animals daily and the number keeps increasing by the day as more and more locals are coming to drop off their animals at our fodder stations !

1. Nannival Village, 200 animals - feeding started on Oct 13
2. Muthigarahalli, 270 animals - feeding started on Oct 30
3. Varuvu #100 animals
4. Malurahalli 130 animals
5. Chikmanahalli # 100 animals

The cattle at these spots are regaining health now.

However, the situation is far from ideal. There are many more locations and thousands of cattle that require help as the grazing pastures are fast drying up. Soon we will need to set up many more fodder stations.

Dhyan Foundation creating pressure on authorities also to act but no help so far..

Support us in this noble cause! Please donate ,every penny can save a life..

You can volunteer to join ground team also to feed cattle..

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We request Chief minister of Karnataka to take stock of the situation and provide with help..