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Days Left: Help Create Good Green Jobs in California

You’ve heard it before – "the green economy is here" and "green jobs are on the way!" But, now, more than ever, jobs of any kind are hard to find.

While it may be true that green jobs are fewer and farther between than once anticipated, at this moment California has a crucial opportunity to create jobs in the green economy. Which is why we need you to contact the state legislature to support Governor Brown’s plan to renew and reform the Public Goods Charge before it expires next week.

The Public Goods Charge is something we all currently pay as part of our gas and electric bill, and on average amounts to a dollar or two per month. Set to expire in 2011, this important fund has been re-worked by the Governor to go directly towards jobs in our communities and energy savings in our homes. Learn more about the Governor’s proposal.

Without your action, our state legislators may let this important fund expire, taking money directly out of our backyards. Let Sacramento know you are excited by the Governor’s plan to create jobs – and that they should support the Public Goods Charge renewal. Together, we will build a California economy that both restores the planet and creates prosperity for our communities.

For people and planet before profits.

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