Bring back H1Z1 Just Survive

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H1Z1 Just Survive it's the first survival game I played, after its failure I tried other games... beautiful, with less problems, but nobody gave me the emotions that Just Survive gave me.

Today I am here to ask the community of this game for help, to ensure that Just Survive returns to the market or at least some companies take it in hand and improve it.

A tip would be to put it Free To Play with paid skins, just like Fortnite, people love skins, and will continue to buy them, another tip would be to let the community create own servers, just like Rust.

Just Survive was really the only game I hated to death and loved to go crazy at the same time, and at the time of the goodbye message from the developers, my heart broke.

From that day I lived with the hope that one day it would return to the market, but so far there are no news, so I hope with this petition to be able to solve something and make my dream come true and that of thousands of people.

I ask all the support of the community of H1Z1:Just Survive and H1Z1:Battle Royale, guys, let's get this fantastic game back on all the markets, I believe in you!