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Day Above Ground and On-Stage Stands: Remove "Asian Girlz" Video, Publicly Apologize, and DROP SPONSORSHIP OF THE BAND!

PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION! The band Day Above Ground recently published an extremely racist, sexist music video entitled "Asian Girlz." The video has not been removed from YouTube and other outlets ( ;

The video, with its degrading lyrics, hyper-sexualizes Asian and Asian-American women and uses racist epithets throughout its lyrics. This video also promotes sexual violence with its lyrics and even alludes to sex with minors 


"And you age so well

I can barely tell

17 or 23? 

Baby doesn’t matter to me"


The video must be removed immediately and sponsorship of this band by other companies and corporations, including future sponsorships, must be terminated.

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  • Day Above Ground
    Joe Anselm

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