ASK DAWSON TO SUSPEND ALL-in person instruction

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I am a Dawson student studying in the commerce program. As I’m sure you’re aware, COVID-19 is getting worse day by day in North America. Personally, I did not think that it would reach Montreal but unfortunately, it has. We started this week with only 2 cases, but today there are 9! Just in a few days, we've discovered that there are more and no one can say how many more there are waiting to be discovered. Among those 9 cases, two of them had used public transportation. It is a well-known fact that the majority of Dawson students use public transportation to commute to school. Another aspect that greatly frightens my peers and me is the location of Dawson College. It is located in downtown, which is basically considered to be the heart of the city. So naturally, it is a concentrated area that attracts a lot of people. We do not know what will happen tomorrow as this is not a situation that can be easily controlled once there is a major outbreak. So why don’t we be proactive and take action? This virus is new to us and is also causing great fear. Every day there seems to be new reports or speculations to make sense of this virus and it’s hard to discern as to what to believe and what not to believe. A lot of people are panicking because it’s new and I think that's only normal and natural. I am getting really concerned about the health of my fellow students and teachers and I can assertively say that I am not the only one. COVID-19 has officially been announced as a pandemic. In 2003, Canada failed the pandemic test. Subsequently, the mistakes that were done during the SARS outbreak had tragic and deadly consequences. I refuse to have that repeat again. Furthermore, reports have said that the coronavirus is a lot more dangerous than SARS. My request is that we close our college and have the students do the classes virtually. I want to complete my semester online and I can say without a doubt that most of the students and teachers have the same thoughts as me. A lot of universities and colleges in the United States are already doing this. Therefore,  I do not see any issue for us to be doing the same. Perhaps, it is a bit of an inconvenience, but in my opinion, it is definitely worth it if this means that we can greatly reduce the chances of contracting an awful disease. We will still be learning, the only change is that we won't be attending college. Instead, we will be at the safety of our own homes all the while learning the required material.